Flags of World War II


Flags WW2 are the symbols that define a nation’s people, ideals, and history. They are also used for signaling and decoration. Since the dawn of nation-states they have been insignia of leadership, identifiers of friend or foe, and rallying points. They are often emblazoned with symbols or patterns and feature a distinctive design and color scheme. These characteristics have made them so popular that a whole discipline called vexillology, the academic study of flags, has been developed.

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For example, this is the naval ensign of the Free French Navy (French Navy of World War II). It displays a red Cross of Lorraine on a blue and white diamond resting on a striped field, the national flag of France. This special naval jack was based on the French flag and adapted to include the eagle shield of the Free French as well as the red cross of Lorraine as a tribute to Joan of Arc who had died in battle at the battle of Verdun.

Another example is the USS Bunker Hill flag, which depicts what appears to be Donald Duck dressed in Revolutionary War gear. The Bunker Hill was a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser that served in the South Pacific during WWII. Its flag is a memorial to her crew members who gave their lives in the defense of liberty. It’s a very interesting and distinctive flag.