Employment Solicitors – Signing a Settlement Agreement

Whether you are facing redundancy, or in the midst of a disciplinary procedure, you may be asked to sign a settlement agreement solicitors Cheshire by your employer. Generally speaking, these agreements mean that you will waive any rights to bring legal action against the company in exchange for financial compensation.

Unlocking Resolution: Trusted Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Cheshire

Employment solicitors are highly experienced in this field, ensuring that any financial considerations are carefully considered and discussed. They also ensure that a clear and comprehensible agreement is drafted, and that it meets all legal requirements. They will often review the terms to recommend any changes, and may suggest additional clauses that will help to protect the client’s interests.

They will also take the time to explain the implications of any specific clauses, such as restrictive covenants. These are contractual clauses that aim to restrict the employee from engaging in certain activities after their departure from the company, and they are essential to protect the employer’s business interests. They will also make sure that any statutory or contractual rights are taken into account, as well as taxation concerns and any director-specific considerations.

Depending on the circumstances, it may be more beneficial to you to negotiate for a higher sum of money rather than signing an agreement that is less favourable to you. Ultimately, it all depends on your individual situation and your feelings towards the company. However, whatever you do, always be sure to seek independent legal advice before making any final decisions.