How to Find a Screed Company Near Me

Screeding a floor is an essential task, and while you might be able to find a screed company near me using a search engine, it’s best to take the time to verify their experience. Look for a contractor with a Checkatrade membership; these tradespeople have been through up to 12 checks and are regularly reviewed on things like professionalism and tidiness. It’s also worth checking whether they have a public liability insurance policy.

A floor screed is a thin layer of cement and sand poured over a concrete subfloor to create a smooth, even surface. It’s often layered with tiles or wood flooring, but can be left exposed for a modern interior design finish. It can also be used for thermal and acoustic insulation, or as the base for underfloor heating.

Finding the Perfect Screed Company Near You: A Step-by-Step Guide

It can be difficult to get the right level of finish on your own, and hiring a professional could save you money in the long run. It’s important to remember that a screed needs to be cured before you can walk on it, and if the process isn’t carried out properly, you might be left with a bumpy or uneven floor.

The estimated average salary for D&D Laser Screed employees is around $34 per hour. The exact salary will vary based on job title, department and location, as well as the employee’s level of education, certifications, and additional skills. See how this compares to other companies in the same industry.