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The popularity of สูตรชนะบาคาร่า all sports has made it a natural subject for journalistic coverage. The earliest examples of sports journalism date back to the early Victorian era, when major sporting events such as the Boat Race, football World Cups and the Olympic Games were first widely covered. As the popularity of sport increased, newspaper editors realised that there was an audience willing to pay for sports news, leading to the development of dedicated sports sections.

A wide range of sports news websites are available, covering all manner of topics relating to the world of sports. Many of these sites focus on current scores and news, while others provide in-depth analysis or prediction pieces. A number of apps also exist to provide up-to-date news, such as ESPN and Fox Sports.

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Throughout the twentieth century, some of the finest writers in journalism have specialised in writing about sports. The tradition began in Britain, where several newspapers recruited former athletes – for example Harold Abrahams and the London Evening Standard with their 1924 Olympics 100 meters winner or Sir Leonard Hutton for the Wisden cricket almanac. The growth of fanzines during the 1970s saw cheaply produced newspapers, often written by volunteers, compete with the official club match programs and traditional media.

In recent years, investigative journalism on sport has become more commonplace. For example, award-winning journalists Duncan Mackay and Steven Downes uncovered doping scandals in cycling and bribery within international athletics. This type of writing requires an outsider perspective that is not compromised by the need for day-to-day dealings with sportsmen and officials, as required by beat reporters.